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The McDonald’s 365 Black Awards gold carpet was held during the 20th Essence Festival on July 2, 2014. This star-studded event featured celebrities and outstanding performances honoring the exceptional individuals that make valuable contributions to the African-American community. Tika Sumpter and Terrence Jenkins were outstanding and entertaining hosts of the McDonald’s 365 Black Awards. Here are a few images of the hosts. © Michael Lewis Global Photography
McDonalds 365 Black AwardsMcDonalds 365 Black Awards_Will_PackerMcDonalds_360_Black_Awards_Tika_Sumpter_Terrence_Jenkins (1)McDonalds_360_Black_Awards_Tika_Sumpter_Terrence_Jenkins (2)McDonalds_365_Black_Awards (1)McDonalds_365_Black_Awards (2)McDonalds_365_Black_Awards (3)McDonalds_365_Black_Awards (4)McDonalds_365_Black_Awards (5)McDonalds_365_Black_Awards (6)McDonalds_365_Black_Awards_Will_Packer (1)McDonalds_365_Black_Awards_Will_Packer (2)