R. Kelly latest performance at Bass Concert Hall on Friday March 3 had the audience singing and dancing to his melody of hits for about 80 minutes. R Kelly reached into his right pocket and tossed at least one hundred one-dollar bills to the crowd. R Kelly also gave a lucky fan in the front row the opportunity to use a black towel to wipe him down as he sung instructions to her. R Kelly ended the night with “Step In The Name of Love” from the Chocolate Factory album. It appeared that R. Kelly gave the eager fans what they wanted plus a little bit more. On a personal note, I was hoping to hear “I Believe I Can Fly” from the Space Jam album but that did not happen. The girl’s group by Kelly Rowland, June’s Diary performed before R. Kelly. #RKelly #ATXDigitalPhotography ©2017 Michael Lewis Global Photography All Rights Reserved
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