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Chadwick Boseman died on Jackie Robinson Day, seven years after he starred in the Jackie Robinson movie, 42 as the baseball icon in 2013. Boseman's death was announced by Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser during the Los Angeles Dodgers game in which all players wore the number 42 on their uniforms in honor of Jackie Robinson. Robinson played for the Dodgers during his groundbreaking career. Boseman is also know for the Walt Disney’s Black Panther movie that grossed over $1,341,912,319 in worldwide box office sales. Black Panther was first blockbuster with a Black Superhero in the leading role. Black Panther has become a symbol for promoting diversity in the movie industry. The Black Panther star died of colon cancer four years after his first diagnosis in 2016, his family announced in a statement Friday night. Boseman was only 43. © 2020 Michael Lewis Global Photography, All Rights Reserved
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