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Day 2 of #BlackademicsTV Season 6 was held at KLRU-TV, Austin PBS on February 16, 2018. The speakers for the program were Dr. Venus Evans Winters, John Hoberman, Chief Njathi Kabui, Njera Keith, Richard Reddick, Shaleiah Fox and Dr. Foster. Blackademics TV Season 6, Day 2 |February 16|KLRU-TV, Austin PBS ©2018 Michael Lewis Global Photography All Rights Reserved #ATXDigitalPhotography #BlackademicsTV #KLRU
Blackademics_TV_6_Day_2 (2)Blackademics_TV_6_Day_2 (1)Blackademics_TV_6_Day_2 (3)Blackademics_TV_6_Day_2 (9)Mark Morrow - Strange TownBlackademics_TV_6_Day_2 (4)Blackademics_TV_6_Day_2 (6)Blackademics_TV_6_Day_2 (7)Blackademics_TV_6_Day_2 (8)Blackademics_TV_6_Day_2 (11)Blackademics_TV_6_Day_2 (14)Blackademics_TV_6_Day_2 (12)Blackademics_TV_6_Day_2 (13)Blackademics_TV_6_Day_2 (5)Blackademics_TV_6_Day_2 (10)Denise Hart