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The celebration of Carla Jackson’s new job in NYC, her birthday and her 8th wedding anniversary with Kelvin Phillip was held at the 219 West restaurant & lounge on Sunday August 5, 2012. Pictured are some of the attendees that participated in Carla’s celebration. We already know that Carla is going to KICK ASS in her new position at Fordham University.
Chaundra Tonya Carla 08.05.2012Carla & Friends Aug 2012IMG_2614IMG_2617Kelvin Phillips Pamela Hart Carla Jackson Kevin Hart 2012Timeca, Pamela & Kevin Aug 2012IMG_2629IMG_2641AIMG_2642Pamela & Kevin Hart 08.05.2012Timeca & husband 2012IMG_2636AIMG_2616IMG_2621IMG_2619IMG_2631AIMG_2639IMG_2620IMG_2623