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The kickoff to the Carnaval season started with a Pre-Party at Speakeasy on Friday February 2. Be sure to come to Carnaval Brasilero Austin 2018 on Saturday evening February 10 at the Palmer Events Center! ©2018 Michael Lewis Global Photography All Rights Reserved
Carnaval_Pre_Party_2018 (14)Carnaval_Pre_Party_2018 (10)Carnaval_Pre_Party_2018 (1)Carnaval_Pre_Party_2018 (2)Carnaval_Pre_Party_2018 (4)Carnaval_Pre_Party_2018 (5)Carnaval_Pre_Party_2018 (7)Carnaval_Pre_Party_2018 (8)Carnaval_Pre_Party_2018 (9)Carnaval_Pre_Party_2018 (11)Carnaval_Pre_Party_2018 (12)Carnaval_Pre_Party_2018 (13)Carnaval_Pre_Party_2018 (3)