An innocent beautiful Black child pondering his future

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A beautiful innocent Black child holding a Black Lives Matter sign. -2020. Black_Lives_Matter-2020Black Austin Rally and March - June 7, 2020 Michael Lewis Global Photography, All Rights Reserved


One day, the parents of this beautiful Black innocent child must have “The Talk.”

As Black parents know, “The Talk” has nothing to do with birds and bees. It is about surviving police encounters, being aware of your rights, and learning how to live within a complex, systemic, centuries-old framework of race-based prejudice, violence, and discrimination.

The Talk is akin to a rite of passage for many Black children, especially boys and young men. Primarily, they are taught how to behave in the presence of police to mitigate potential harm: no sudden movements, don’t question why you’re being stopped, comply with all verbal commands, never raise your voice.

The main objective is to make it home alive.

It is a discussion many Black parents consider a necessary evil, dreading the day when their children go from innocent-looking children to threats in the eyes of a historically racist society. And it is a discussion many of their white co-workers, friends, and neighbors may be ignorant about or avoid it since it does not affect them.

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